A young man in Kenya decided to seduce his mother in revenge on his father who had been spending nights with his ex-girlfriend.

The young man only identified as Karani from Nakuru had received word that his father was seen on several occasions with his ex-girlfriend at a local pub.

According to Tuko.com, the two were seen in very compromising positions, taking drinks.

Upon investigating, Karani found suggestive chats and pictures in his father’s phone. Frustrated, he later on confronted his ex-girlfriend identified as Claire, who out of anger, went ahead and sent him photos of her and his father.

“Do whatever you want to do, I have taken your father,” reads a WhatsApp text message from Claire.

Karani later on started texting his mother asking her about his father’s bedroom stunts, claiming he would do better when given a chance. Shocked, the mother went ahead and told her husband about their son’s misbehavior.

The father later on decided to evict the young man out of his house claiming he was cursed. Karani’s friends claimed that his ex-girlfriend had sought to revenge Karani over unresolved issues that eventually led to their breakup.

The two are said to have dated for six months and Claire is claimed to have procured an abortion a month before they broke up.

She claimed she would not raise the child without Karani formally introducing her to his family.

Residents have been left in shock, as Karani is said to have been a very disciplined and kind young man.


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