By Flora Mitumba

Former president of the republic of Malawi Dr. Joyce Banda has officially endorsed Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Dr. Lazarus Chakwera as the right candidate to lead Malawi in the upcoming elections.

Banda made these remarks following a press briefing that was held by MCP and PP NEC on 14 March 2019, that Banda has withdrawn her candidature as the presidential candidate in the May 21 tripartite elections paving way for Chakwera.

In her remarks, Banda justified herself claiming that her decision of endorsing Chakwera as the right presidential candidate is not coming out of the blues but rather for the betterment of Malawians, for she has seen abilities in Chakwera and she is determined that only Chakwera through MCP Malawi can be saved.

“MCP and PP alliance is not interested in personal goals but it is there to work for the interests of 18 million Malawians of which out of these, 16 million Malawians are living in abject poverty. Therefore MCP and PP are fighting a common enemy, and that they have same ideologies,” said Banda

She assured that she is not into the alliance with MCP for any position but rather to work in changing the good fortune of the country

“Appearing on the ballot would not bring any change to the country; however, endorsing someone like Chakwera would be of great importance,” she said.

Banda further said that this is not the first time she is meeting with Chakwera, they have been meeting a countless times within and outside the country since 2015 discussing key issues on how to rescue Malawi from the shambles she is in and together they are determined to build a new Malawi, this is what prompted Banda to pave way for Chakwera as they share a common goal.

To show his appreciation Chakwera, said he will acknowledge Banda by giving her a task to go into the rural areas to work in uplifting women as she is good at it.

However, Chakwera said all the parties are to blame for the challenges the county is facing, for the country is blessed with people who can take part in developing the country in so many ways but instead they are working in demeaning each other.

“Malawi is a blessed country with dedicated men and women who can work for the well-being of the country”

Chakwera also open doors for other parties who would wish to work with MCP saying it is not too late for them to join the party, and that every party must stay alive and work in developing the country.

“Let’s unite and go forward in building a better and new Malawi” pleaded Chakwera.

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