Three Tanzanian men are on the run after they chopped off the genitals of a middle-aged man who was allegedly sleeping with the wife of one of them.
The middle-aged man from Majengo in Tanzania is said to have been the woman’s regular charcoal customer and had asked her to collect money for a recent purchase from his house.
According to Tanzania’s local media, the woman is however reported to have over stayed in the house prompting his neighbours to snitch on her to her husband. “She stayed in there for long.
Moments later, I saw three men aggressively knocking on Sebastian’s door before claiming they had busted him in the act with the wife of one of them,” one of Sebastian’s neighbour, Esther Mlungu, said.
“The men then chopped off Sebastian’s genitals with a kitchen knife and, thereafter, escaped,” she added.
According to the reports, when the woman’s husband and his accomplices arrived at Sebastian’s house and found her, they asked him to choose a punishment he would want meted out on him.
He however started pleading them to forgive him but the men grew impatient and severed his genitals as he watched quietly until the perpetrators left his house, when he burst out screaming.
Police have launched a manhunt for the suspects, whose identities remain unknown while Sebastian who is said to be of Zambian nationality is recuperating in hospital.
According to a Dar es Salaam-based medical doctor, Richard Marise, the penis could only be reattached if he was taken to hospital in record time after the incident.
“If he arrived in hospital few minutes after the incident, there’s a great possibility his penis would be reattached. However, his manhood won’t operate normally as it used to,” said Marise.
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