A youth led organization, BusyBee Transformation has engaged in promoting quality education in primary schools through trophies.

Executive Director for the foundation, Spencer Nundwe said the trophy will be given to pupils from standard 5 to 8 and that those scoring from position 1 to 3 will be awarded numerous gifts that will help them in their educational lives.

He further said that the introduction of this organization is aimed at improving quality of education in primary schools and imparting hard working spirit in the pupils.

“The main aim of this is to ensure that we have quality education and pupils are working hard,” Nundwe said

Highlighting on why they chose to start with primary schools, Nundwe said to sow the hardworking seed in students must start at the tender age.

“In order to sow the seed of hard work in students there is a need to start at a tender age that is why we have done this in primary school,” he said.

Talking of improving reading culture which was implemented by Malawi government through the ministry of Education Science and Technology, Nundwe said they will be indulging pupils into debates which will help them to be prepared to answer questions by reading different books.

“We will be running debates, which will starting from interclass then interschool debates, this will encourage student to develop reading culture so that they make themselves prepared to answer any question that may come to them at any point,” he said.

Later in the future the organization is planning of introducing scholarships to pupils who have done well with their standard 8 examinations.

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