Chisi Sets for Campaign Launch


Reverend Precious Austin Chisi has announced the official launch of his campaign this Sunday saying it is the moment for his constituency to hear his manifesto.

Chisi who was the vice president for Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) before dumping the party is running as an independent candidate in Mzimba Sosola Constituency.

Chisi described his manifesto as joker in as far as transformation of the constituency is concerned.

He further added that he has come as the messiah to redeem the constituency.

“There has been too much impunity, lack of vision and greed on the parliamentarians that have been at the helm of the constituency. I have come full throttle to collect that,” said Chisi.

He further promised that Constituency Development Fund (CDF) will not be abused.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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