Analyst in the country have hailed United Transformation Movement (UTM) Party’s manifesto for anti-graft radical approach.

UTM Party’s Presidential candidate Dr. Saulos Chilima who is also State Vice President on Saturday March 23 launched the party’s manifesto at Dowa community ground ahead of the May 21 elections.

In the manifesto, Chilima has promised to tackle three key issues namely; Anti-Corruption Drive, Economic Transformation and Governance Transformation.

However Chilima dwelled much on corruption which has fouled the country.

“We want a nation in which everyone will be happy. We want to end corruption,” Chilima said.

Commenting on the matter, governance expert and commentator, Makhumbo Munthali said the manifesto presented by Chilima indicates that UTM seems to take more radicle approach in dealing with corruption by amongst other proposing to remove the immunity of the president from persecution.

“This is understandable, and also relevant against the background of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Peoples Party (PP) era cashgates as well  as the famous K145 million scandal where an allegedly ‘thank you’ gift was deposited to the president by a business tycoon,” said Munthali.

He however emphasized that removing president’s immunity can be debated by Malawians in the context of Presidential thieving and corruption.

He further added that removing president’s immunity might be abused by some citizens

“While it is a fact that removing the immunity of the president may be used by some citizens who may bring numerous lawsuits against the president,” He said.

During the launch some UTM members highlighted promises that the UTM government will do if elected into power.

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