The Department of Disaster Management and Affairs through the Ministry of Homeland Security has warned Zomba city residents for a possible flooding that might occur due to weakening of Chagwa dam.

This has been said in a press statement released on March 21, signed by Minister of Homeland Security and Disaster Management Affairs, Nicholas Dausi.

The dam which measures 300×100 meters is located at Zomba Mountain, its distance is approximately 14km from district council offices.

According to engineering experts the dam is likely to burst due to heavy rains and this might lead to flooding of Mlunguzi River and affecting most areas of the city.

“The dam is likely to burst in the event of heavy rains and incessant rains and this may lead to flooding of Mlunguzi River,” reads part of the statement

Meanwhile, engineers have been engaged to reduce the volume of water in the dam as they develop a lasting solution.

Government however is asking Zomba city residents specifically those staying along Mlunguzi River banks to be alert and device quick evacuation plans in case of an emergency.

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