Ma Blacks Raises K1.2M for Flood Victims

Blantyre Press Club in collaboration with The Black Missionaries and Anthony Makondetsa raised K1.2M in a charity show organized to cheer up flood victims on Friday, March 22 at Mibawa Hall in Blantyre.

Blantyre Press Club earlier projected to raise K3 million from the show and instead the show has raised K1.2 million.

Blantyre Press Club president Blessings Kanache confirmed of the development.

However the grouping still hopes to reach the targeted amount within the week when companies and individuals fulfill their pledges.

“We are projecting to raise K2 and K3 million within the week through the fundraising initiative like the other one we had with The Black Missionaries and we are assured that the actual target will be reached when companies and individuals fulfill their pledges,” Kanache said.

Speaking after the show, Black Missionaries lead vocalist Anjiru Fumulani said it was a pleasure to partner with journalist for a good cause of helping flood victims.

“We are very happy to partner with Blantyre Press Club to fundraise for flood victims,” Fumulani said.

The Black Missionaries showed up on the stage from 12 midnight and played different songs up to 4 am.

The club’s president, Blessings Kanache hailed Malawians who paronised the show.


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