Residents of Zomba and Phalombe who were rendered homeless by torrential rains and the resultant floods managed to be happy when members of the Pakistan Welfare Association (PWA) donated relief items worth K22 million to 800 families in the two district.

The association reached out to communities in Group Villages Chaweza and Kathebwe in Zomba as well as Chimombo, Phutheya and Malabwe villages in Phalombe.

The Association vice chairman Ali Akbar Kamdar said that their sign is to helping those in need.

He said this when presenting assortment of food, utensils, blankets, cash and clothes to 400 floods victims at Chaweza Primary School in Zomba.

“The basic thing is that we all are Malawians, we all are brothers. Our third generation is born here. So Malawi is our home. This is not our second home anymore, this is our first home. So when this disaster hit we thought there is time we should come out and help Malawians”, He said.

Kamdar noted that the need to assist is born out of desire to help fellow nationals in there time of need.


According to Kamdar the fund for relief items were sourced from the association members both in Malawi as well as friends outside the country.

”We urge people to donate but also come to see for themselves because that way, one feel the sense of self-fulfillment”, Kamdar said.  

Kamdar added that they chose Zomba and Phalombe after realizing that the two areas seemed neglected from the areas that had been affected by the floods.

“We have done our survey and we realize that some place such as these have been neglected. We want to go where other organization have not gone”, He said.

Luwiza Matembwe, an 80 year old grandmother from Mwaliwa Village whose rendered homeless by floods expressed her joy when she had received relief items.

Group Village Chaweza appealed for more relief items such as tents to enable the floods victims to return to their homes to try and start all over again.  

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