Senior Chief Mwalweni of Rumphi defiled political laws by campaigning for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) asking people to vote for the party’s candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Mwalweni said this during a rally held by Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango and DPP Director of Elections Ben Phiri at Mphitapansi in Rumphi.

In his remarks during the rally whilst chanting to DPP slogan, Mwalweni said President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has done a lot of development in the country and as one way of giving thanks is by re-electing him.

“We need to thank Professor Mutharika for what he has done by voting for him,” Mwalweni said.

It is barely few weeks after Malawi Elections Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah strongly warned chiefs not to be partisan and should therefore not to affiliate themselves with political parties and candidates.

During the official campaign launch Ansah said that the commission is receiving reports that some chiefs are endorsing candidates and creating a no go zone area for some political parties and candidates.

Meanwhile, electoral experts are expecting MEC to discipline chief Mwalweni to stop such lawlessness.

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