By Flora Mitumba

Tropical Cyclone Idai continues to wreck-havoc in Southern Africa in recent days leaving at least 150 dead in Malawi alone, according to reports.

“Preliminary projections indicate that at least 1.7 million people were affected in the direct path of Mozambique, with further 920, 000 in Malawi,” reads part of   World Food program report.

However Mozambique has been hit by Tropical Cyclone Idai of category 4 causing loss of lives and severe damage of properties in Central and Northern part of Mozambique.

Meanwhile, the government of India has decided to divert 3 Indian naval ships to the port city of Beira to provide an immediate humanitarian assistance to the affected people.

United Nations (UN) chief has expressed sadness at the loss of lives and displacement across Zimbabwe as a result of this fatal Tropical Cyclone Idai.

“The secretary general is saddened by the loss of lives, destruction of property and displacement of people due to heavy rains and flooding,” reads part of the statement.

Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe are the countries that have been greatly hit by the deadly Tropical Cyclone Idai.

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