United Democratic Front (UDF) has distanced itself from allegations linking the party to a video clip which shows unidentified man beating up suspected Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporter.

The social media is awash with a video clip showing a man suspected to be UDF supporter attacking unknown man for allegedly putting on DPP regalia.

According to social media report, the alleged attacked is suspected to have been orchestrated by UDF Shadow MP for Mangochi East Abdul Mbaya.

But UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga has distanced the party from a video clip.

“The United Democratic Front, UDF would like to disassociate itself from allegations linking it to a video clip which shows un identified man fighting another.

“Since the time that the video clip went viral, there have been malicious unsubstantiated allegations by some people on various social media platforms that the aggressor is a member of the UDF while the victim is a Democratic Progressive Party supporter,” said Ndanga

Ndanga said the aggressor in the video clip has not been identified by any body apart from simply alleging that he is a body guard of one of UDF party members of parliament.

He said the party has since instituted investigations on the matter.

“Considering the seriousness of the allegations against the UDF party , we have instituted investigations to ascertain the identities of both the aggressor and the victim.

“The UDF party would like to ask the police to institute their own investigations, make their findings public and prosecute the suspect,” he said.

He added: “Should the findings establish that the suspect is indeed a UDF member the party will use relevant sections in its constitution to discipline the alleged member.

“The UDF party is assuring the general public that it will work with the police to ensure that such an investigation is conducted without any political interfere but utmost corporation from the party to ensure a due process of the law.”

UDF has since condemned violence ahead of the May 21 tripartite election.

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