Husband Cries out as Wife Leaves with Another Man


An aged man in Zimbabwe has been left heartbroken after his loved wife eloped with another man.

According to local Zimbabwean media, this is the second time for the wife identified as Tevedzera Ziona to have eloped with the man leaving behind her husband, Never Mahachi.

The Heartbroken man

Ziona recently took her 12-year-old daughter abandoning the husband claiming he was not doing enough to take care of the family. 

Neighbours said the sign were there that the wife was planning to abandon the 45-year-old husband.

“She first ran away in December last year and Never was told that his wife was now staying with her new found love in Marondera. He tried calling her to ask her to bring back the child but she ignored his calls. It took her sister to convince her to come back home on 16 March.

“Her boyfriend, however, followed her on 20 March and convinced her yet again to go with him and she complied. Never was away at work. The boyfriend took her away and they are back together in Marondera,” said the source.

Mahachi confirmed the incident to TellZim and said he was disappointed she had chosen to leave home yet again.

“I am very upset. If she no longer loved me, she was supposed to go alone and leave the child behind. I don’t want my child to grow up in another man’s house so I am planning to sue them,” said Mahachi.

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