Arch Bishop Thomas Luke Msusa has called church leaders to maximize their effort in providing voter civic education to their members.

Msusa made the remarks during a high level meeting that was held at Msamba pastoral center in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

According to Msusa, the country has reached a critical point where citizens are unable to decide their destiny through wise selection of leaders.

“We are not siding with any leader or political party, we are aligning ourselves with the people as religious leaders we will guide them in choosing a leader with good qualities to transform their lives and this country,” Msusa said.

He added that it is the responsibility of religious leaders to ensure that citizens are living in harmony and are moving towards prosperity.

“We will denounce divisions and violence, we will continue to pray for peace before, during and after elections. We must build a country in which people live in harmony and prosperity,” he said.

Commenting on the matter Sheikh Amir Jaafar Kawinga, Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) chairperson who is also publicity secretary said Malawians should maintain the country’s reputation as a peace-loving country.

“Honestly we Malawians are already coexisting and tolerant of each other in many things. These elections should not divide or bring conflicts among us, instead they should help us build and consolidate our democracy,” said Kawinga

National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust executive officer Ollen Mwalubunju, hailed the faith leaders for the bold step they have taken as count down to the polls continue.

The faith leaders further said they will be committed to periodically address the nation on electoral related matters and call for the independence of Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC) and Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MRA).

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