A girl at University of Zambia (Unza) named Majory Kabwata has confessed stating that she has locked up her boyfriend’s freedom ever since she visited a native doctor in Tanzania.

It has been 4 years since she was given a lock and key to lock his mind, and two bowls with magic stones in them to make him only think about her.

A girl’s fiancé is identified as Harrison Munkombwe a Zesco Limited employee, and he is the one paying her school bills, her monthly budget and some of her siblings fees..

Majory confessed on Monday, April 15 after being prayed for at church and was told by a man of God to confess whatever she did to the man she is seeing or risk facing a painful death in coming weeks..

This hasn’t gone down well with her fiancés relatives who have decided to take their child for prayers as well and to break up vow.

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