By Robert Kumwenda

Umodzi Party (UP) Shadow Member of Parliament (MP) for Nsanje South Constituency Richard Samson Chuma said is geared to develop the area if elected as MP come May 2019.

He said the MPs that were elected previously have failed to develop the constituency because were not putting the interest of the people at heart.

“The area has been lacking behind in terms of development since the dawn of multiparty democracy in 1994. There are four primary schools without a secondary school whereas in the areas of T/A Ndamera, T/A Mbenje and T/A Ngabu there are secondary schools,” he said.

There is a small clinic that was left by refugees, there are no bridges for people to pass such that some pregnant women give birth to traditional doctors, he said.

Chuma said the boreholes are far apart and there is only one transformer that provides electricity to the whole constituency.

“That’s why l joined Umodzi Party because the leadership of the party has the vision to develop Malawi and if elected as MP l will make sure that development projects should be implemented in the constituency,” she said.

He said many people do not understand Professor John Chisi saying if people join hands to work with him he can change Malawi.

Initially l wanted to stand as a ward councilor for the governing Democratic Party (DPP) but l was approached by UP members who came to our area through then l realized that its leadership has a good vision for Malawi, he said.

He said his priorities will be making Kampata health post to be a healthy Centre and making sure that a secondary school should be built in the area.

“I will also make sure that there will be a market because the shelter that was left is not completed as of to date and l will extend the pipes to bring potable water to Nsama and Kachaso areas,” he said.

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