Father Shoots Daughter and Grandma Dead


Tshidi Ntaje (33) lay on the ground in her outside room listening to the gunfire as a man shot dead Tshidi’s one-year-old daughter and her grandparents in the main house in Tshepisong, Mogale City, Gauteng.

Tshidi told Daily Sun the man, a relative of the family, sent her messages telling her what he was going to do. “He told me to pray for him and for myself because he wanted to kill me,” she said.

Tshidi called her grandparents, Mita Maabane (69) and Ronnie Likoebe (61).

“He has a drinking problem so my grandparents thought maybe he was drunk,” she said.

The plan was to wait for him to come home.

When night fell on Wednesday, Tshidi sat in her outside room while her grandparents and her daughter Bohlale waited in the main house.

Mita brought Tshidi some food and that was the last time she saw her gogo alive.

Tshidi said later she heard the man screaming and firing three shots.

She threw herself on the floor when she heard footsteps coming towards her.

“He fired more than 20 rounds.”

Tshidi lay quietly until she was certain he had left and then ran to the house, where she found her grandparents and her child.

Tshidi said the man has taken everything from her. “It’s too soon to tell whether I will ever forgive him.”

Gauteng Police Captain Kay Makhubele confirmed murder and attempted murder cases were opened.

“The suspect handed himself over to the Krugersdorp police. The motive for the killing is unknown,” he said.


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