By: Kassim Kajosolo

As a way of improving girl child education, Chikondi girls project has embarked on training scho ol going girls in making sanitary menstrual pads from local resources.

Speaking to, Director for the project, Enelless pempa phiri said they thought of helping the rural girls Because its hard for them to find money to buy menstrual pads from the shops.

“It is hard to find money in the villages and as such, many people can not afford to buy menstrual pads in the shops.” She said.

Pemba phiri said they have reached out to over 3000 students from Blantytre, Lilongwe, phalombe and machinga.

“We are working in blantytre, Lilongwe, Machinga and phalombe, where we are helping young girls in personal hygiene. ” she said.

The project which started in 2017 would like to reach out to 10,000 school going girls by the end of this year.

Pemba phiri asked girls to aim high as the sky is the only limit for them.

“Sky is the only limit for the girls and they should make extra effort make it to the top”, she said.

Chikondi girls project is working In partnership with Fact, Anthu Aluso initiative and Girls network Malawi.

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