The Malawi Police Service have set free an ambulance driver who was arrested after he cruise-passed presidential convoy on Tuesday in Lilongwe.

The driver whose name is withheld, drove an ambulance vehicle from area 25 to Kamuzu Central Hospital while carrying two very sick passengers and one being a child on oxygen machine.

Reports indicates that both patients were in critical conditions and need very urgent help from doctors at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

After his cruising, police found him at KCH before taking him in custody for questioning.

However, National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera confirms that the driver has now been escorted free after advices and counseling that he received at area 30.

Kadadzera says this issue gives a lesson to other would be offenders. “You are supposed to inform the police if you have an emergency situation so that they should know what to do.”

He adds: “This situation can also cause accidents as the presidential vehicles cruise, as a result we can lose many lives in the process.”

“On the other hand, it is stipulated in the presidential escort requirements that, “No person driving a vehicle shall overtake or attempt to overtake any vehicle in which the president is traveling with an escort or any vehicle in such escort.”

As the issue stands now, it now seems that civilization need to be examined by bringing in new reforms pertaining to the issue of ambulances pass through presidential motorcade in order to also save the lives of others.

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