Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspiring ward councilor for Chigumukire Ward in Nsanje Central Constituency Kafumphe Sinos Dzowa has apologized over a fracas that took place last week at a public debate.

During the debate organized by National for Civic Education (NICE) Trust, Drunk DPP supporters disrupted a public debate for parliamentary candidates in the constituency.

Dzowa confessed that some of his supporters were drunk and caused havoc at the debate, hence the apology.

He added that such acts of violence from DPP are tarnishing the image of the party.

“The acts of violence from DPP supporters are tarnishing our image as a party and also candidates,” Dzowa complained.

Commenting on the matter one of the organizers of the debates in Nsanje district Kondwani Malunga, asked the organizers of the debates not to sideline the party and its candidates.

He further asked parties to discipline their supporters and ensure peaceful debates.

“Violence cannot be condoned,” Malunga said.

Malunga further said the debates seek to encourage citizens to participate in elections in a peaceful manner. /p> e�’��W

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