In a bid to adapt to climate change, farmers in Chiradzulu and surrounding districts have been asked to be planting Dekalb maize seed for better yields.

The appeal was made by Raphael Makaka, the southern region Bayer Crop Science Region Sales Manager, during a field day visit at Male village in Chiradzulu district.

In his remarks Makaka said hunger can be easily defeated if farmers can be planting hybrid seeds.

He added that Dekalb maize seeds adapt climate change, and farmers are likely to harvest bumper crops.

“Dekalb maize seeds are resilient to hot weather and do very well in both Dambo and in upland. As such farmers who have used them have managed to triple their yields, thereby ending hunger in their homes,” Makaka said.

He added that Dekalb maize seeds are easily marketable.

A farmer who has been using Dekalb maize seeds, Boniface Chipojola said he has been having bumper yields.

“I can bear a testimony that farmers who venture into Dekalb maize seeds we can end hunger because it gives you triple yields,” Chipojola said.

Bayer Crop Science Company was formerly used to be known as Mosanto Malawi Limited.

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