A 27-year-old fisherman has been killed by a hippopotamus while bathing in Kenya.

police at the scene of the incident

Erick Ooko met his untimely death at a local Rasira Beach, Gwassi South Location in Suba Sub County on Tuesday evening.

According to the Standard, eyewitnesses said the fisherman went to bath at the lake shore before he was attacked by the wild animal.

Rasira Beach Management Unit Chairperson Sospeter Ayoko said Ooko failed to notice the hippo that had dived in the water.

“He was suddenly attacked by the animal immediately after starting to bathe,” Ayako told The Standard.

The hippo disappeared into the water after killing the fisherman. Another fisherman, Maurice Owino, who was with the deceased scampered for safety after noticing that his colleague was under attack.

The attack came a few days after residents decried attacks by hippos in the area.

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