Xenophobic South Africans, mostly in Durban, have been attacking and displacing black immigrants, mostly from Malawi, Nigeria, Somalia and Zimbabwe, away from their homes.  As a result of the attacks, pregnant women and babies have been forced to sleep in the open by the attackers.

The attack has attracted strong condemnation from all corners with many demanding immediate action to stop the violence.

Speaking on Sartuday at a rally, Malema, well-known for his controversial politics; however, the EFF commander preached a simple message of love and unity when it came to this difficult topic.

The EFF politician affectionately known as ‘Juju’ drove one particular point home when it came to xenophobia in SA:

“Africa is for all of us…”

Malema also pointed out to the crowd that most xenophobia in SA is blatantly black on black violence, even when there are people of other races who may not be ‘deserving’ of a job.

According to EWN, Juju also preached a message of unity at a Western Cape rally recently, when he called on black and coloured South Africans to take back power in the province.

By this, Malema means that the DA, who has maintained control over the Western Cape for many years, should be pushed out and the EFF come forward as the main opposition party and rulers of the province.

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