Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development has said Malawi is still secure on food security despite natural disasters that hit the country.

Minister responsible Joseph Mwananveka said despite the devastating floods that destroyed crops, Malawi will still harvest 26 ,969, 59 metric tonnes.

“Nevertheless, when the floods happened crops in most areas were at the advanced development stage. Hence the crops were only submerged in the waters and the loss was minimal,” Mwananveka

Mwananveka further added that Malawians should not panic with the recent floods since the country will have surplus maize.

Malawi government projected a maize surplus of 300, 000 metric tonnes this year with first round crop estimates indicate that Malawi will harvest 3.3 million metric tonnes of maize in 2018/19.

Agriculture is described as the backbone of the country’s economy at both national and household level.

Floods hit the country following the cyclone idai sweeping out crops especially maize in the country.

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