A Japanese organization through Japanese Embassy in Lilongwe has donated books to Nalikule College of Education.

Nippo Foundation has donated the book as one way of introducing various aspects to Japanese culture and promote cooperation between Japanese and Malawi.

Speaking during the event, Japanese Ambassador to Malawi, Kae Yanagisawa said Nippo Foundation has been donating books in different fields since 2008.

“Since 2008, the Nippo Foundation has donated books in different fields such as Economics and Business, Society and culture in various institutions such as Mzuzu University,” Said Yanagisawa.

She further added that the books will help increase little knowledge about Japanese culture.

Director of Higher Education, Dr. Samson Mbewe complimented Japanese government for the support it renders to Malawi especially in helping the education sector.

He further added that the books will help those who will go to Japan for studies.

“The books will greatly assist those who will travel to Japan for studies to not experience culture shock because they acquire prior knowledge of life in Japan,” Mbewe said.

He further asked Japanese government to send its professors to Malawian colleges to assist in strengthening quality of education.

Principle for Nalikule College, Dr. Ambumulire Phiri described the donation as timely and relevant.

“We have about five thousand volumes of books in our library which we are still working on building, so having additional books that are relevant is a good thing for us,” Phiri said

The foundation has also assisted most African countries with other developments such as smallholder agriculture farming.

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