No foul play has been connected to the death of Ellen Dulamizu, a young woman found dead in Area 1 Falls Estate in Lilongwe, Police say.

Postmortem examination conducted by medical officer from Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) pronounced the cause of the death as due to hypoxia, an absence of oxygen to sustain normal body function and can cause panic that that can lead into a sudden death.

It is reported the cause of Dulamizu’s death was charcoal burner. 

According to reports which the police have been made aware of, Dulamizu used to stay with her aunt at Luanar Bunda Compass but had to move out of the residence due to the long distance to her work place.

Dulamizu rented a quarters of a Mr Chimbalanga in Falls and was last seen on Thursday April 11, 2019.

Chimbalanga said on April 14 at around 2 pm, he noticed smell and flies on the window of Dulamizu’s quarter.

This prompted him to check and found the door locked from inside.

He informed Khuma Sitima of the situation and she reported the matter to Area 36 Police unit.

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers visited the scene and opened the door where they found the deceased lying in decomposed state.

The body has since been taken for burial at Area 18 cemetery in Area 36.

Dulamizu was 21 years and was working as a secretary at Shahin Workshop in Area 4 in Lilongwe.

Source : Kulinji

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