United Transformation Movement (UTM) running mate Dr. Micheal Usi has advised people of Salima to vote UTM into power for it has no corruption records unlike its competitors.

Usi was speaking at a rally in Salima North Constituency organized by Jessie Kabwila.

Usi further told people of Salima to see clearly how others have failed to run this country.

“We know other people have failed this country,” Usi said.

He added “They are the same ones chasing for your votes so they can be voted into power to fail again.”

In his speech, Usi referred UTM as a brand new vehicle on the market which is accident free.

He further added that other parties in the country are known thieves and failures, he appealed the people to vote for UTM in the forthcoming elections.

“I am appealing to you to vote for UTM for a better Malawi,” he said.

He further said that UTM manifesto articulates well what its leaders will do for Malawians once elected into power.

“In our manifesto we have clearly outlined that we want people to eat three times a day. We will boost the agricultural sector and make sure that farmers benefit from their hard work,” Usi said.

During the rally Usi was accompanied by aspiring members of parliament in Salima namely; Jessie Kabwila and Joshua Chisa Mbele.

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