The Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) has said a quick action should be taken against suspects named in the Human Rights Commission report over the murder of Buleya Lule who died in police custody after being arrested in connection to the abduction of a person with albinism.

Buleya Lule

The report established that five senior police officers identified as Paul Chipole, Ikram Malata, Evalista Chisale, Ronnex Kapesa and Mervin Gama should be probed in connection with the murder of Mr Lule.

It has also been recommended in the report that four other unnamed police officers who escorted the deceased to court should also be investigated.

Autopsy results for Lule dated April 12,2019 revealed that the deceased died after being electrocuted and hit on the head with some metal bars, stating that the type of the injuries seen constitute torture.  

More to follow…

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