Zimbabwe’s opposition leader of MDC party, Nelson Chamisa, has applauded South Africa’s electoral body, the Independent Electoral Commission, for the way it is handling the country’s polls.

In the same statement, Chamisa condemned the Priscilla Chugumba-led Zimbabwe Electoral Commission which announced three different results in last year’s disputed presidential elections.

He said, “Unlike with ZEC in Zimbabwe, the IEC of RSA results centre is fully transparent.

“The management system works and each party has direct access to the portal receiving results from the polling stations. This works and no V11s are alterable. We demanded but were denied access to the server.

“You really feel proud to be an African. Well done South Africa!”

However, Chamisa’s remarks angered ZANU PF Secretary for Youth, Lewis Matutu, who took a dig at the former.

Mututu said, “I am here on the ground sir, political parties are viewing results as they come in for collection purposes only because the results from polling stations are already known as has been signed for by agents.

“Also take note of the fact that no political party prematurely announces election results in SA, neither do they disrespect their IEC and courts or cause any violence through a premature demand for election results against procedures.”

Matutu also took a diss at Chamisa about the recent high court judgement, “By the way l am told you have been stripped of your fraudulent presidency by the court, is it true?”

Matutu is one of the youth leaders that survived a vote of no confidence after being accused of failing to defend President Emmerson Mnangagwa on social media.

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