A 27-year-old man had a wedding without a bride after his parent failed to find a match for him.

A man is identified as Ajay Barot’s wanted a wedding just like the one his cousin had.

Barot’s family decided to fulfill the dream of Ajay by giving him a lavish wedding, but unfortunately, it was not possible for them to find a match for Ajay. The reason being, Ajay has learning disabilities.

Therefore, they decided to have the wedding without a bride but ensured that all Gujarati rituals and traditions were properly followed.

A grand wedding procession was held after the groom sat on a horse. Around 200 people, who were part of the procession, danced to the tune of native Gujarati music and drum beats.

The family arranged a feast for nearly 800 people in a community hall situated close to their residence.

“My brother was lucky that his family supported his wish. We all are happy for him. We did not want to hurt anyone’s emotion, it was just to see him thrilled with joy as he is very dear to us,” Ajay’s younger sister said.

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