United Transformation Movement (UTM) president Saulos Klaus Chilima says he will introduce a duty free week in the country.

Chilima explained the duty free week is for everyone to bring any amount of things on condition they have Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) certificates.

He added that with time and if things go according to plan they (UTM) will be doing it bi-annually.

The UTM president also told the captive Njamba Park audience that his government will remove Value Added Tax on connection fee for electricity once voted into power on Tuesday.

“Water connection fee will be free, water is life so we do not have to charge.”

Chilima said he will also remove VAT on airtime and connection fee on electricity.

“We are removing VAT on airtime, electricity and water,” he said, attracting loud cheers from the crowd. “We want companies to make oil, books and exercise to benefit.”

Chilima said he will improve places of business such as for businesspersons who sell second cars by building showrooms and facilities to enhance their businesses.

“We want these people selling the second hand cars to be able to do get new cars like what our friends in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe are doing.

Chilima added that he will reduce duty on huge vehicles like Toyota VX and Range Rovers which attract heavy duty fee to make them more affordable.

“Government will be able to benefit by making money from that because most cannot afford,” he said.

He promised a government that will hit th ground running because they want a Malawi that is changed.

“We are giving you the gift of a working president, something you have never seen in this country.”

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