Adventist Youths (AY) from Blantyre have been urged to participate in the environmental conservation.

The call was made by Pastor Alfred Kilembe from Sunnyside Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) church when the youths organized the trip to Chawe, in Zomba on 12 May this year.

Kilembe said the trip to Chawe was part of the nature appreciation and study.

“The globe has been hit by the climate change because of the environmental degradation that is caused by the human efforts such as wanton cutting down of trees, water and air pollution. People in general have dominion over the living things. Therefore, they must be in the forefront of conserving the environment. And we want the AY to acquire the knowledge of nature conservation so that they should start beautifying the environment because it serves the purpose of human beings,” he said.

One of the Adventist Youths, Louis Chakanga bemoaned the negligence of people on the issue of environment in Malawi.

“Mindset change is the only remedy to the current state of the environment. There must be a win-win relationship between people and the environment for them to survive. The crucial elements in the production of oxygen and carbon dioxide are the plants and animals.

The general public must treat the nature with patriotism in order to enhance the sustainability of the environment,” said Chakanga.

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