By Robert Kumwenda

As Malawians are expected to go to the polls on May 21, Umodzi Party leader Professor John Chisi has asked Malawians to choose him as president because his is the only rightful person.

The UP leader said time has come to uproot the old tree of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and to plant a new tree of Umodzi because some of the leaders that have ruled this country were in MCP.

“As a party we are ready and very prepared to win come rain or sunshine the elections to change things in this country because Malawians have suffered for a long time,” he said.

Chisi said the party manifesto is mainly focusing on the welfare of the people citing  the areas of education, agriculture and justice because there is no nation that can develop if its people are not educated.

He said for the country to move forward Malawians should vote for him because he has a good record and he has never joined any political party.

The UP president therefore said people of this country should think wisely and look and the problems they have gone through over the years and vote for a person who really has passion to move this country from poverty.

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