By Orchestra Kamanga

Newly elected Parliamentarian for Blantyre City South Constituency Noel Lipipa of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has said he will empower the youth by opening College of vocational skills.

Noel Lipipa

He said Vocational College will provide skills like Carpentry and joinery, Mechanics, Auto-electrical and Brick laying. He also said he will a open driving school with 4 vehicles so that the youth in the area should learn how to drive and get employment.

“As a Parliamentarian for the area I will also provide loans to youth without interest. If someone borrows K10, 000 or K20, 000 or more they will pay back within six months and I will urge them to pay back quickly so that other youth should also benefit from the loans,” he said.

Lipipa further said he will construct a clinic near Manase ADMARC which will cost K10 million and the inspection of the place will start within two weeks time.

“A part from those developments, I will put a tarmac at Chilobwe ring road and pay school funds and school fees to the needy students and pupils. I will also buy uniform for them so that they should continue with their education,” he said.

Lipipa further said he will give monthly package like salt, sugar candle to the elderly people in the constituency all using his personal money.

He therefore assured people in the area that he will not run away from the constituency as other Parliamentarians do in the past and thanked them for voting him into power and promised more developments.

Lipipa said he will renovate Zingwangwa community ground and construct Tennis court, Volley ball and Basketball courts and provide chess table as one way of developing sport in the country so that they can expose talented players who can play in top League and National level even outside the country.

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