The innovation sector in the country has just witnessed a replica of a Huey Uh, a military helicopter which has been developed by a 35 year old Ryong Oh.

The craft became a center of attraction in Lilongwe on Thursday and made awash social media and the piece has been appreciated by many.

With no intentions to make the chopper fly, the half cast Malawian said on Thursday the craft has been made to serve as a sample for people to see what a Huey UH military helicopter looks like considering shortage of such in the aviation department in the country.

According to Oh, the helicopter has been made to act as a sample to boost the tourism sector, as well as give a chance to those that cannot manage to see the model in real life. 

“We have a shortage of such aircrafts and I thought it wise if I can create a sample so that at least those who do not have a chance to see such things in their lives can get the chance to,” Oh said.

Oh, who is a wiring and fabrication engineer, further added the project has taken him almost 5 years but he is looking forward to crafting more using the talent he has as the country has unique resources.

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