Differences have emerged in the family of the nine year old girl Trizah Vinkhumbo who was accidentally shot by a police officer last year.

Parents of the girl have hired different lawyers and claimed different amount of compensation.

The father of the girl has hired Leonard Mbulo and claimed K250 million whilst the mother’s side has hired Christon Ghambi who is claiming K120 million over the matter.

Mbulo, in an interview confirmed that there are disagreements between the parents of the girl over the compensation matter.

When asked what they will do on the matter, Mbulo said they will follow court’s ruling.

“If the court decides in favor of the other party we will withdraw the case,” Mbulo said.

On his part Ghambi said he was not aware that a similar complaint has been filed.

He added that all he was told is that the father stopped his responsibility on the girl long time ago.

“What I was told is that the father abandoned the child long ago and she has been living with her mother,” said Ghambi.

George Kaleso, a police officer who shot the girl said the family of Trizah understood and accepted that it was an accident.

The girl was shot when Kaleso allegedly attempted to kill a stray rabid dog which was apparently disturbing his puppy. ����(

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