A man in US has on Wednesday allegedly set himself ablaze just outside the President’s white house.

NbcWashington reports that Passersby expressed alarm on social media after seeing a large plume of smoke billowing from a grassy area at 15th and Constitution Avenue Northwest, near a security checkpoint.

It was around 12:20 when people witnessed the horrific scenes.

A witness told NbsWashington publication that, “Like a torch, his whole body was on fire. He was just walking like he was a zombie or something. Just straight, he wasn’t running and screaming or anything. He was walking straight. Then they put the extinguisher on him and put his [fire] out and that’s it.”

It is reported that he was thereafter rushed to a local hospital and no information of his condition has been released yet.

Alina Berzins, 17, said she and her family were sightseeing when they saw the man running and covered in flames.

“We were just looking at the White House to take pictures and he just came out of nowhere,” she said. The White House and surrounding grounds often see security-related disturbances.

In April, a man sitting in an electric scooter lit his jacket on fire in front of the White House

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