President Peter Mutharika has called on people in the central region not to vote for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) saying it does not have welfare of people at heart.

Mutharika said the remarks during a whistle stop campaign tour at Salima Boma, Katalera and Ngozi Trading Center in Salima district.

In his remarks Mutharika, urged people not to vote for any opposition party but putting his emphasis on MCP.

“MCP is a very cruel party and you should not dare to vote them back in power,” he pleaded.

He added that DPP has fulfilled all its promises it made in 2014, promising more of developmental activities once voted back into power.

“We want to do more projects,” Mutharika said.

He continued by urging Malawians to vote for development in the forthcoming May 21 elections.

He then added that only DPP has the ability to development the country as it has shown in the past 13 year it has ruled this country.

“I want you to vote for DPP MPs so that we can have all the five parliamentary seats in the country,” he said.

The party’s vice president for central region Uladi Mussa said he is confident that DPP will win 40 parliamentary seats in the central region.

Mussa, said people are happy with DPP because it has fulfilled most of its promises the arty made to Malawians in its 2014 manifesto.

“People are happy with DPP because it has fulfilled its promises,” Mussa said.

Mutharika said he is certain that Malawians will vote for him in large numbers in the May 21 tripartite election. y]��

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