Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has cleared two officers who were implicated in alleged vote manipulation.

MEC chairperson Justice Jane Ansah made the clearance of the two officers during a press briefing held yesterday at COMESA, in Blantyre.

In her remarks Ansah, said the constituency returning officer for Nsanje city central has been cleared after the poll result sheet tallied with those of party monitors.

Ansah said the documents carried by the CRO were confiscated by the police whom they delivered the documents to the district commissioner.

She continued saying that MEC’s fact finding team went there and take the documents in the presence of the DC.

“After they checked the result sheet along with those of the party monitors, they found out that they tallied,” Ansah said.

At COMESA hall, a MEC staff was arrested after he allegedly brought results in absence of security personnel.

But Ansah said the named staff was innocent and condemned the sharing of his pictures on social media.

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