Government through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has dismissed claims making round on social media that female trainee teachers under IPTE 14 would be withdrawn when breastfeeding or about to deliver.

Ministry of Education Public Relations Officer (PRO), Lindiwe Chide said the allegations of withdrawal of female trainee teachers on the basis of their lactating or due to delivery were not true.

“The trainee teachers who are lactating or pregnant will still be allowed to continue with their studies and go for teaching practices,” she said.

She however added that those who feel like they cannot continue with their studies they can withdraw at their own will.

“Those that feel cannot manage to continue with their studies while pregnant or breastfeeding are given chance to withdraw and do the teaching practices in the next academic year.” She added.

Meanwhile, there is no change which has been made with female trainee teachers under IPTE 14. omm�f<�II

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