President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has refused to give evidence on claims that two opposition political parties were planning to hire the mercenary militias from Al-Shabaab and the Congo war zone to create anarchy in Malawi.

In his State-of-the-Nation (SONA) address on Friday, President Mutharika said he was aware that two political leaders had explored the possibility of blowing up the Kamuzu Stadium on the day of his swearing-in.

“I know two political leaders who discussed the possibility of exploding Kamuzu Stadium on the day of my swearing in. They must know that I know. These two political leaders have tried to recruit mercenary militias from Al-Shabaab and the Congo war zone to come and create anarchy in this country. Is this the leadership we want?” he said.

The statement did not please Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera who gave Mutharika 24 hours ultimatum to provide evidence on the matter.

“He alleged that the two political leaders also tried to recruit mercenaries from Al-Shabaab and the Congo to create anarchy in the country. But if Mr. Mutharika does not publicly produce this evidence within 24 hours, then Malawians will know that this is just another one of his tipp-ex lies,” said Chakwera.

But reacting to Chakwera’s demands, Mutharika’s Press Officer Mgeme Kalilani said Chakwera has no Mandate to demand evidence from Mutharika.

“The President did not mention anyone, we have 17 million people in the country and he said two political leaders. Why is Mr Chakwera panicking?

“In what capacity is he asking for the evidence. The President has no obligation to respond to Mr Chakwera’s request,” said Kalilani.

Kalilani said Mutharika will give evidence at an appropriate time.

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