Political scholar Ernest Thindwa has faulted President Peter Mutharika for what he described as his careless allegations that some political leaders are conniving with terrorists to create disorder in the country.

In his State of the National Address (SONA) as he presided over the opening of the 48th session of the national assembly, Mutharika alleged that two political leaders have tried to recruit mercenary militias from Al-Shabaab and the Congo war zone to come and create anarchy in Malawi.

“I know two political leaders who discussed the possibility of exploding Kamuzu Stadium on the day of my Swearing-in Ceremony. They must know that I know,” Mutharika told Parliament.

Thindwa said such statements may bring unnecessary panic among Malawians.

“As the head of the nation and all the security agents in the country at the moment, he was not supposed to say that in public but rather just ask the security agent to act,” the Chancellor College based political science lecturer said.

Thindwa suggested that Mutharika is trying to divert people’s attention from the election case which is in court at the moment.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera gave Mutharika a 24-hour ultimatum to provide evidence to the nation on the allegations failing which Malawians will surely know that he is a liar.

Mutharika is yet to react on the ultimatum.

Source : YFM

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