Despite criticisms from different stakeholders across the country, of how she managed the May 21 elections, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Jane Ansah has said she did a great job in managing the elections.

Ansah who said she has nothing to worry said this in an exclusive interview with one of the media houses in the country on Monday.

She, however said that she is surprised that there have been claims of electoral mal -administration from several quarters.

She has also said that just like any public officer she is not a politician and that she works in accordance with the law.

“I am a public officer, not a politician. I work in accordance with the law together with other stakeholders,” she said.

Ansah added; “I am a church leader and I still go to church and preach. My blood pressure is normal and I spend peaceful sleeps because my conscious is clean. I have no worries whatsoever.”

She continued by challenging that she would use the same process in the last elections if given a fresh mandate to run elections.

“If I were to manage another election, I would still follow the same process used in the May 21 elections. That was a perfect process.” Ansah challenged.

Ansah’s remarks, are the response to the call made by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) under the banner Human Rights Defenders Coalition who are demanding for her resignation.

Ansah further vowed not to adhere to demands of those that are calling for her resignation saying that it is the court that can determine her fate of continuing being MEC chair or to step down.

“Those calling for my resignation should have patience for the court to do its job because they took the matter to court,” Ansah said.

She continued by asking whether United Transformation Movement (UTM) leader Saulos Chilima and HRDC are prosecutors and judges.

“Is Dr. Chilima and human rights defenders prosecutors and judges at the same time? That’s lawlessness and rule of law states that you are innocent until proven guilty by law,” Ansah asked.

The leadership of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and President of UTM, Dr. Saulos Chilima on Thursday were among the people who took to the streets calling for Ansah’s resignation.

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