Government has warned social media abusers that the Electronic Transaction and Cyber Security Law will catch up with them and that drastic measures will now be enforced.

The remarks was said by Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology Mark Bottomani on Tuesday during a press briefing.

The law is intended to punish those who abuse social media by among others spreading fake news and obscene posts.

In his remarks Bottomani said the law has been effective ever since and that those who abuse social media for the interest they know themselves the law will catch them up one day.

“Let me also remind the country that the Electronic Transactions and Cyber Security Law is in effect. I want to caution those who abuse social media that this law will catch up with them one day,” said Bottomani.

He then asked Malawians to be patriotic and love their country.

We must love our country. We must be responsible citizens,” said Bottomani

Bottomani also asked journalists in the country to resist from reporting fake news and that they should rise above partisan politics.

“We expect you to rise above partisan politics as you carry out your work. Be objective, be ethical. Avoid spreading fake news. Avoiding being used by politicians for bad reasons. Most of you are young people and you have a long future in store for you,” he said.

His remarks came in following the emergence of fake news towards and after the May 21, 2019 tripartite elections.

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