Following the devastating Cyclone idai that affected and displaced thousands of people in the Southern region Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) has said it needs over K280 billion to relocate the victims.

This has been said by DoDMA Principle Secretary and Commissioner for Disasters, Wilson Moleni during a consultative meeting on relocation and resettlement of people in disaster prone areas.

Former Homeland Security minister Nicholas Dausi in April said that the government would need about K90 billion for the exercise contradicting with Moleni who said DoDMA would need about $370.5 million ( Approximately K282 billion) for the same exercise.

 “The department has noted that most internally displaced people are returning to the same disaster-prone areas, which means they would be in the same situation if disaster strikes again this rainy season,” Moleni said.

He added that DoDMA is affirmative that it will get the money for the exercise as well wishers are willing to help the ministry with the funds and government is also ready to help.

“We are positive that we will get the money because our partners are willing to help us. The government will also do its part,” he said.

Moleni said the money would also cater for the provision of social amenities in people’s new locations.

“On the surface; yes, it [the money] might sound huge but it’s not just for the relocation exercise. That money will also cater for the provision of roads, schools, hospitals and other social amenities in the areas people will relocate to,” he said.

Chikwawa District Commissioner, Lusizi Nhlane, said there was need to find long-term solutions to floods which hit Chikwawa and other districts almost every year.

Heavy rains which hit the southern part of Malawi killed 60 people and affected over 800,000. At least 100,000 were left homeless.

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