After years in marriage, love tends to reduce especially if there are no new exciting experiences in the marriage. For a man, there are ways you can rekindle the love in your marriage.

Here are three confirmed ways to make your wife fall deeper in love with you;

1. Be the man she can look up to

Marriage life is never easy as there are numerous challenges that a couple encounters. Such challenges and obstacles are the reasons for lack of happiness and enjoyment.

As a man, you can always be the pillar your wife holds on to whenever things prove sour in the marriage. Be the one to help her out of the challenges; let her look up to you whenever she needs help.

Should there be problems in the marriage, face them like a man instead of being overemotional about them.

2. Change your bedroom game

Are you the man who performs the worst today like you did yesterday and last year? For the sake of your wife’s happiness, you need to up your bedroom skills.

Give her the maximum pleasure she deserves. Make that feeling unique at least every time you decide to pull her in between sheets.

She hates it when all you do is play on top of her instead of making her drown in pure pleasure.

3. Surprise her often

Women love to be surprised and by this I don’t mean with big and expensive things. If you got kids, why not wake up some day and prepare the kids for school. She’s been doing that alone for years now and seeing you do that some days would make her happy.

If she is not home in time, why not hit the kitchen and make dinner and keep it ready so that she comes and bumps into it. Such little things mean a lot to women.

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