Newly-elected members of parliament from all the political divide are having secret meetings to force parliament increase their monthly salaries and loans.

Some of the members of parliament have confided in us, that they want their salaries pushed to K2.5 million a month.

In addition, they want the zero interest loans which is now pegged at K50 million per legislator pushed to K75 million.

Currently, a member of parliament gets K1.6 million a month in addition to K50 000 per day they get when parliament is sitting or when they are in committee meetings.

Senior assistant Clerk of Parliament Joseph Manzi say they could not comment since the issue has not yet reached them but this could cause public outcry as civil servants salaries remain very low compared to other countries in the Sadc region.

About 62 MPs have returned to Parliament, according to results from the Malawi Electoral Commission, up from 46 in 2014.

In 2009, 47 MPs out of 193 returned to Parliament, 49 in 2004, 61 in 1999 general election.

Source : Breaking News In Malawi

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