Alliance for Democracy (Aford) lone  legislator Yeremiah Chihana has said President Peter Mutharika  is an infirm leader being betrayed by the treachery people he has around him, particularly pointing at governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) frontline troops  sitting in Parliament.

Chihana made the statement in his first address in the National Assembly since his election as legislator for Mzimba North.

In his remarks Chihana said Mutharika might be a very noble and honorable man but he faulted the DPP top officials for misleading him.

“Peter Mutharika Might be a very good leader of integrity but you people in the front, you are liars, Malawi must move but will not move with people of your caliber,” said Chihana whilst pointing at the frontline of the government side.

He further continued by comparing incumbent Mutharika with his late brother Bingu Wa Mutharika whom he said he was a statesman who did not regard region, race, tribal and he maintained integrity.

“Bingu Wa Mutharika was a statesman, rigid full of integrity,” complimented Chihana.

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