YONECO conducted Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) session at Chandamale Primary School in T/A Chikulamayembe, Rumphi district.

The SRH session was aimed at raising awareness on sexual harassment among girls in primary school and teaching them how they can report such cases.

Speaking after the session, one of the learners Temwa Gondwe said she has benefited a lot from the session and now she will be able to protect herself and friends from sexual harassment.

“Sometimes girls are forced by boys to be in a sexual relationship at this school, but many girls feel shy to report such cases, from what we have learnt, we will be reporting them to the authorities,” said Temwa.

The session was conducted using Aunt Stella tool which, among other things, dwells much on sexual reproductivehealth.

Commenting on how the session has been, YONECO Rumphi district officer, Janet Manjawira said YONECO believes in building the future of a girl child but in order to do that, they have tolearn how they can protect themselves from issues like sexual harassment and rape.

“Children articulated real time issues happening in their school, and we also urged them to report cases of sexual harassment by calling YONECO toll free line 116,” said Janet.

The session reached out to 97 learners of which 47 werefemales and 50 were males.

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