NIGERIA – After a long battle with infertility, Nigerian couple, Uchenna and James Okeigbo, are now the proud parents of 3 boys and 2 girls, a journey that began 18 years ago, reports

The quintuplets were conceived via IVF, and it would be Grace Ogoke, the same obstetrician who advised the pair to try fertility treatment, who would eventually deliver their 5 babies.

“After going through all their investigations, I saw that they would need to be assisted, that spontaneous pregnancy, medically speaking, might not be achievable, and I advised them to be assisted,” said Grace.

According to the obstetrician, it had been her first time delivering this many babies via C-Section.

“It is a relief and achievement for all of us and I thank God for that,” said the specialist.

Although overjoyed, the 42-year-old mom, Uchenna, said that the birth had been hard, “It is not easy to have five children at once,” she said, crediting her husband, James, for his support.

The 47-year-old dad was in turn just as grateful to his wife for not giving up on their longstanding desire to have children.

“I thank my wife for retaining her respect for me for [these] 18 years of childlessness without quarreling with me. I am also grateful to her family for standing by us.”

While elated, the family are concerned about the financial burden of raising 5 infants all in one go and have called for governmental assistance.

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